Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hooray and Terra Naomi rocks

My back is much better now, but not 100%. Though now I can put on my socks by myself so it's progress!
I start a new job on Monday. I interviewed in October. They sure took their sweet time!

In other news, I am completely stuck on Terra Naomi, in particular her songs "Up Here", "I'm Happy" and "The Vicodin Song". Her voice is amazing. Her lyrics are amazing. I am completely mesmerized by her. And guess what, a listener told me about her.One of the best recommendations ever. I've played Up Here and I'm Happy on the show before.I would do an entire show of her stuff if I thought she would go for it. Perhaps I should see if I can do an interview with her. Words fail me. I turn these songs up so loud when they come on. Her whole album "8 track" is great, but something about these 3 songs.
I also checked out some videos, both live performances fans did and some videos she made. 2 thumbs up! Seriously. Listen to her. Now.


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